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Dr. Carpenter’s BLOG


From time to time I will be adding posts here.  Some will be short essays, some will be pictures or photographs, some will be poems.  All will touch on the topic of psychotherapy to some extent or other.  This tiny one-act play touches on how difficult communication can become sometimes.  My current software permits no responses from readers on this page, although I would be interested in responses.  If you wish, you can email me your reactions:  info@DrJimCarpenter.com.


Making Plans

Her:  Do you want me to come?


Him:  I don’t think you want to know if I want you to come.  You want to, don’t you?  That’s why you’re asking.  That’s how you always ask things like that.


Her:  You’re not being fair.  Once again, you’re not being fair.  I’m trying to straighten this out once and for all.


Him:  You’re trying to put it on me.  There’s no way I’m not being fair.  I’m being very fair.  Talking like this.  How fair can I get?


Her:  You always make me so defensive.  You push this way and then that way and then again over and over.  Jab, jab, jab.


Him:  I’m not jabbing.  When?  When did I jab?  Name one time?  Really, one time?


Her:  I call and you don’t answer.


Him:  I didn’t answer right away!  You didn’t give me a chance.  You called right back.  I was going  to call back in a while.  I have a right.


Her:  I was worried.


Him:  You worry way too much.  How many times have I told you that?  If you wouldn’t worry about every little thing with me I would never do the things you think are jabbing.


Her:  There’s reason for worrying.  Look at all I went through with you.  How many times.  Terrible things.  Really.  You don’t want to admit it.  Or you don’t want to think about it.  There are things about you that anyone would worry about if they knew the things.


Him:  A big part has always been your worry.  You make me nervous about everything I do.


Her:  I try and try to take care of you.  All I’ve ever wanted with us is to take care of you.  Anyone would worry.  That’s all I want.


Him:  When you go on and on you drive me crazy.  You can’t stop and you never will.


Her:  I’ve stopped.  I’ve stopped.


Him:  Do you want to come?