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Web Resources about Clinical Psychology

The American Psychological Association has a large, rich website that is very useful for the interested public as well as for members of the profession that make up the APA’s membership. There are several subordinate sites that offer different sorts of information about Clinical Psychology in particular.

The Society for Clinical Psychology is also known as APA’s Division 12.  Their website has much information of interest about the professional aspects of the field.

A magazine mostly read by professional psychologists, The APA Monitor also has many articles of general interest to persons interested in psychological concerns. 

A popular magazine with an on-line version is Psychology TodayThere are many articles pertinent to clinical psychology, psychotherapy and personal growth.  There are also references for finding therapists.

APA has a student organization serving the interests of graduate students in the field.  They offer an excellent introductory document on the field and education in it that can be downloaded for free. 

There are several websites, in addition to APA, that offer general descriptions of the field and how to think about pursuing training in it. Some of the better ones include collegeboard.com, and Careers In Psychology.org.

A directory site has a good overview of information about alternatives for graduate training in Clinical Psychology.   Still another site has excellent information about many aspects of career resources in psychology.

For up-to-date, general news about psychology, the American Psychological Association has a website called Psychology Newswire that is always interesting.

The highest credential of competence available in the field of Clinical Psychology is Board Certification offered by the American Board of Professional Psychology.  Anyone interested in the field should be introduced to its highest standards.  These issues are discussed on the websites of the American Board of Professional Psychology, and The American Academy of Clinical Psychology.

Broader than clinical psychology, a good blog that keeps up with fascinating developments in the world of psychological science -- Psyblog. Worth checking in with periodically.