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My Practice

Jim CarpenterI am: a clinical psychologist with over 80,000 hours of experience in psychotherapy..

My Experience: is with a broad range of clients, conducted in a wide array of clinical settings. For more information about my credentials and experience, go HERE.

Therapists are allowed into the deepest, most private chambers of a person's life.  I am astonished recurrently by this, and feel more honored than I can express..  Speaking for myself, I could not have found more rewarding and valuable work.  I treasure the opportunity for deep contact and learning and usefulness that it provides. I do my best to be equal to the needs that are revealed to me in the therapeutic room.

Mobile Phone:  919-606-1859

Email: info@DrJimCarpenter.com

Hours:  Most regular work-week hours, plus a few Saturday hours.

Insurance Coverage:  I am a Medicare provider.  For all other insurance plans, I can provide out-of-network services.

Assessments of Work with Me from Clients.

Types of Referrals Accepted:  I accept referrals for work with adults, adolescents, couples and families.  I also conduct group psychotherapy.  I have experience in helping with a very broad range of issues, with many different sorts of people and situations.  The figure of 80,000-plus hours of conducting psychotherapy sessions that I quote above surprised me, but double-checking my arithmetic convinced me that it is conservative and correct.  So I am experienced.  I draw upon my broad experience with different approaches to psychotherapy and different flavors of human problems and try to tailor for each client and each situation the most fitting approach that I can imagine.