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Severe Psychological Problems Including Psychosis and Character Disorder

In psychosis the primary grip on reality upon  which we all rely has slipped or broken.  Usually this is terrifying, a kind of lostness that is difficult for others to imagine.  It may surprise many to learn that research has found that psychotherapy can be deeply helpful for such conditions.  Medications may be needed too, at least short-term.  However, they are not sufficient by themselves for real remission, as opposed to mere suppression of symptoms..  A therapeutic  relationship with a psychotic person forges a deeply grounding bond of reality.  Then life can be rebuilt, more genuinely than it had been before.  In severe character disorder there is a more subtle break from the reality of other persons, but it can be just as debilitating, or destructive to others.  A skilled professional can understand the alienated mentality that lies within such adjustments, and lead them to change.